The 15 best Mac games right now

Think your iMac's only good for GarageBand and iPhoto? Then think again - because inside that aluminium shell lurks a potential gaming monster
The 15 best Mac games right now

Here's something you might have missed: the Mac is a great gaming platform now. No, really!

For years, Apple gamers were restricted to little more than eons-late ports and the odd quirky strategy game. But while many AAA games still skip the Mac, and those that do come often arrive later than on other platforms, things are finally starting to change. The pack of omissions is thinning, the release turnarounds are swifter, and indie developers in particular are making Mac more of a priority.

Whatever kinds of games you're into, you'll find a wide array of fantastic choices on Mac, and quite easily too: thanks to Steam and the Mac App Store in particular, you can tap into thousands of titles large and small within moments.

Never thought about using your Mac as a gaming computer? Here are 15 of the absolute best titles available today - in no particular order - to get you started. Some are recent, some are old classics, but all deserve to be played. Happy gaming.

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1. BioShock Infinite

You've never seen a gaming world quite like Columbia. The floating city is a stunning but cruel place filled with warring factions - and you're the private detective sent into the mayhem to rescue a woman with a supernatural secret.

Like the original BioShock, the heady narrative, super-powered combat, tremendous world design and period detail - the whole thing is set in 1912 - combine to create an unforgettable shooter.

Buy BioShock Infinite here for US$29.99 (RM95)

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2. Castle Crashers

The side-scrolling slash-'em-up nearly perfected - and made absolutely loony. Castle Crashers is a cartoonish wonder, letting up to four players each command a colour-coded knight and charge into battle against an array of crazed monsters.

It's not an especially long or complex game, but the co-op experience is hilarious fun, and it can be played again and again with wide grins intact.

Buy Castle Crashers here for US$14.99 (RM48)

3. Tomb Raider

Canning the swaggering sexpot routine that grew so tiresome, the new Tomb Raider starts afresh with an Uncharted-like reboot that's visually dazzling, incredibly intense, and has more of a story hook than we're used to from the series.

You'll experience Lara transforming from a frightened young explorer into a confident killer when the need arises, and there's plenty to investigate and tackle. A welcome reinvention.

Buy Tomb Raider here for US$19.99 (RM63)

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4. Portal

Several years and a much larger sequel later, the original Portal still stands as an utterly brilliant shake-up of the puzzle genre as viewed through a demented, first-person lens.

Trapped in an experimental facility on the fritz, you must solve physics-centric tests to break free - all while the chatty computer system drops memorable quips. It's short, sweet, and one of the greatest games you'll ever play.

Buy Portal here for US$9.99 (RM32)

5. Batman: Arkham City

After loads of bad Bats games, Arkham Asylum finally did the Caped Crusader justice - and then Arkham City soared past it a couple years later.

Arkham City is the ultimate superhero simulator, letting you explore (and glide through) the open terrain and battle a who's who of iconic villains. Greatest comic game of all time? For now, at least - Arkham Knight is just around the corner.

Buy Arkham City here for US$19.99 (RM63)

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