13 movies to look out for in 2018

Don’t let these exciting films slip under your radar

Not every film receives the same kind of attention as Avengers: Infinity War, but there’s plenty more coming our way this year to be excited about.

From superhero horror to the return of the beloved Mary Poppins, and the ultra-mysterious third instalment of the Cloverfield franchise, 2018 looks to be another bumper year of interesting films to enjoy. Here's what you should mark into your calendars.

The Shape of Water (1 February)

The Academy Awards may be just a couple of weeks away, but frankly, we’ve not heard too much buzz about any of this year's films, unlike Moonlight and La La Land from last year. Guillermo del Toro’s enigmatic fantasy romance, the Shape of Water, may just be one of the big contenders.

It shares the similar fairy-tale-like plot as del Toro’s best works (Pan’s Labyrinth, Crimson Peak), and follows a mute woman who works in a top-secret government lab and falls in love with a amphibious creature.

Bizarre as always and not a conventional romance by any means, but nevertheless probably as enchanting and spellbinding as del Toro's previous work. 

Red Sparrow (8 March)

Jennifer Lawrence as an ass-whoopin’ Russian spy? This already looks like the Black Widow film Marvel’s taking forever to announce.

Reuniting director Francis Lawrence (3/4 of the Hunger Games films) and, coincidentally, Jennifer Lawrence, we follow Dominika Egorova as she undergoes the gruelling training of the Sparrow School, a secret intelligence service that trains cadets to use their minds and bodies as weapons.

It seems every major Hollywood superstar needs her own spy vessel; Angelina Jolie had Salt, Charlize Theron had Atomic Blonde, and now Jennifer Lawrence with her own exciting thriller. 

Ready player one (30 March)

Calling all game nerds! You may not have read Ernest Cline’s fantastic Ready Player One, but you’re sure to recognise the dozens of characters it features from popular culture. From Overwatch characters to Lara Croft, Skeletons from Jason and the Argonauts and Chun Li, this should be a real joy for pop culture geeks.

The plot is straight out of The Matrix - the movie takes place in a desolate dystopian future where people hook up to the Oasis, a virtual reality world not too distanced from our own, for work, leisure and education. A $240 billion fortune awaits the player who discovers the secret Easter Egg, hidden by the Oasis' creator himself. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this is sure to be one of the blockbusters of the year.   

The new mutants (13 April)

Just when the franchise looked to be stale beyond hope, Fox comes with another creative take on the formula – a horror movie.

The plot seems nothing new; mutants discovering their new powers while held in a secret government facility, and eventually fighting for their freedom. Generic, but hopefully the horror twist will give new life to the X-Men - a take we never knew we wanted. 

God particle (20 April)

It’s the third Cloverfield film and, as always, it's under wraps. In fact, it’s scheduled to be out this April and we don’t even have a poster, never mind a trailer.

What we do know is that this instalment revolves around a group of astronauts who find themselves stranded after an experiment causes the Earth to vanish. If the previous Cloverfield movies taught us anything, it’s probably not so much about the monsters around us but the monsters within us. We can’t wait for what’s bound to be a suspense-filled and thought-provoking thrill ride this coming April. 

Rampage (21 April)

If you had a PS1, chances are you’ve played Rampage. Now the sadistic pleasure of wrecking a city has finally come to the big screen.

Staying true to the game, the film features the iconic albino gorilla, George, Lizzie the crocodile and Ralph the wolf. Don’t let their friendly names fool you; these are giant monsters out to wreak havoc, and we can’t wait.