13 iconic video game sounds that'll take you back in time

Gaming geeks, lend us your ears for a trip down memory lane

Shiny graphics are great, and teraflops are okay too, we suppose, but nothing stirs up deep, primitive, nostalgic gaming memories like the squeak of a long-forgotton 8-bit sound clip.

From PAC-MAN's waka waka to Zelda's melodies and Sonic's ring dings (yes, that's the technical term), there are plenty of sounds that we've stored away, deep in our brains, just waiting to resurface once again.

We've rounded up some of our favourite gaming sounds through the ages. Obviously there's plenty more, but these should tide you over for a while, we reckon. Enjoy:

The Ring ding – Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive, 1991)

There are few sounds more satisfying that zooming through a long line of gold coins as your favourite blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, with each collective ding providing more satisfaction than the last. Watch out though – one stray spike or slip up will transform all that happiness into bitter feelings of loss and resentment, as your precious gold circles are flung across the map, like the coins of a drunkard on a night bus.

That sodding Duck Hunt dog – Duck Hunt (NES, 1984)

If any pooch deserves to be screwed, it's this annoying mutt right here. Its incessant ear-piercing laughter mocking our every Duck Hunt failure drove us around the bend - until, of course, we got the chance for revenge in Vs. Duck Hunt, which had a hidden bonus level that let you take out your frustrations at long last. Take that you stupid mutt (and sorry, PETA).

"Finish Him!" - Mortal Kombat (1992)

You've battered your opponent from side to side – embarrassed them really – and you've more than earned those two sweet words. You cement your superiority with a steely glare before executing a perfect fatality, watching your foe's virtual (and real) world crumble around them. Enjoy your victory pizza, and graciously accept the plentiful gifts the masses lay before your feat. You've earned it.

'Puzzle Solved' melody - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64, 1998)

This three second melody is sweet, sweet music to any Zelda fan's ears. We recommend playing it every time you solve a problem in real life. From increasing your profit margins to getting the lid off a stubborn jar of jam, it'll enhance the moment greatly. Feel free to use it as a notification tone too, if you like.