12 tips and tricks to master Gboard on Android

Type like a pro with the Swiss Army knife of keyboards

Gboard on Android is a different beast from its iOS counterpart.

While its iOS brother is clean and simplified to match the original iOS keyboard, the Android option is what Google set out to achieve in the first place. There’s a ton of ways it makes typing easier, all while staying lighting fast. Perhaps you’re not maximizing its brilliant functions, so read on to become the ultimate Gboard wizard.

Google Translate

This is a big one that is sure to be a hit in our part of the world. Hit the Google icon and the first icon is the one you want. Select the language you’re typing in and the one you want translated to, then type away and never be lost for words on your mother tongue essay again.

It translates simple phrases like a breeze and even handles figurative phrases and some synonyms pretty well too.  


Perfect for students doing work on the go, long-press any number in Gboard and a pop-up menu will display common, simplified fractions you may want. 

Keyboard track pad

Just wrote a long word and missed a letter? Instead of dragging the cursor back, or worse backspacing, how about using the spacebar that doubles as a track pad. The location of the cursor will adjust according to the duration of your drag. Neat.

Swipe to delete

Never again repeatedly hit the backspace button when you get a word all wrong, only to realise you’ve overshot and have to type some words back in. Gboard gives you the option of holding the backspace button and sliding it to the left to remove the entire word.

Slide it further across the screen to remove more words or even the whole sentence.