The 12 best Oculus Rift games available now

Lucky's Tale

Lucky’s Tale has got everything a cartoon platformer should have: an endearing premise and characters, colourful, solid graphics, and gameplay that’s simple and challenging all at once, especially if you’re working to hunt down all of the coins and other collectibles in any given area.

The solid three-dimensionality of the worlds and super-cute characters makes playing an absolute joy, especially when something comes right up close to your face.

Ballpark playtime is apparently 4-6 hours, which obviously isn’t super-long, but for a game of its type is perfectly reasonable, especially when you factor in that it comes free with every Rift.

Price: Free

Download Lucky's Tale here from Oculus

Elite Dangerous: Deluxe Edition

This is another game whose appearance on VR is as an addition to an already huge and hugely successful title - and all the better for it.

The Deluxe Edition contains a load of extra content above the original title - and let’s remember that this is the game in which you can explore the entire Milky Way, mining, fighting and trading at your leisure.

This is one of a handful of VR titles that offers months of gameplay, rather than just a quick and dramatic first experience, and looks amazing while doing it.

Price: USD59.99 (RM270)

Download Elite Dangerous here from Oculus

Job Simulator

This is the game to use when you want to show off your new VR toy to someone who doesn't really play games.

The concept is this: the year is 2050 and robots now do all of the blue collar work. To learn what it was like to do a job, humans enter a simulator and are given an interractive history lesson by JobBot. Yes, this is really, really silly stuff.

It's all about using the Oculus Touch controllers to interract with your environment - whether that's completing the tasks that JobBot gives you (photocopying some work, making a sandwich, etc), or just messing around with all of the objects around you. There are four jobs to do, including office worker, diner chef and mechanic, and every one I've played has been equally hilarious.

Price: USD29.99 (RM135)

Download Job Simulator here from Oculus