The 12 best Oculus Rift games available now

Dead & Buried

Here's a game that puts the Oculus Touch contollers to their obvious and best use: turning them into six-shooters in a Western.

Shooting it out in a saloon, for example, you're able to duck and hide behind cover, standing up or leaning to fire at your opponents across the bar. Throw in runaway train robberies, co-op action and all sorts of ghostly goings-on and you've got yourself a VR hit worthy of attention.

The game's got an awesome feel to it: aiming is accurate, firing is weighty and there are few things cooler than the reload mechanic, which involves flicking your wrist to the left to empty the cylinder and then right to click it back in.

Things hit their peak in multiplayer, with the option to battle your Rift-owning pals or work with them to fend off creatures.

Price: USD39.99 (RM180)

Download Dead and Buried here from Oculus

Project Cars

At this point in time, everyone should be aware of Project Cars. It is, after all, one of the finest and toughest racing games ever made.

In VR it's every bit as brilliant as you might imagine: as close to racing a real car as it’s possible to get in your own home, it makes you a better racer, too. You’re able to effectively monitor your mirrors and blindspots, and can better aim for the apex of each corner than with any on-screen racer.

And, because this is a game that’s already been around for a year, it has a huge amount of content (all of the extra content packs are included in the Rift version) and a proven, dedicated community to race against. It might not be the first game you show off to your mates, but it’s the one you’ll still be playing weeks and months after you get your Rift.

Price: USD49.99 (RM225)

Download Project Cars here from Oculus


Think of this as Gravity in VR and you’re on the right track. You play as an astronaut floating in the remains of a badly damaged space station - and your suit is leaking oxygen. You have to quickly make sense of your situation, attempt to get your station’s critical systems working again, and keep your oxygen levels topped up.

It works brilliantly in VR, with your helmet visible as you move your head, giving you a real sense of being in a spacesuit. The zero-gravity environment makes movement tricky and disorienting, but not especially uncomfortable, even though Oculus has given the game an ‘intense’ rating.

What’s really amazing is the sense of isolation and loneliness you feel - another similarity to Gravity. This is a deeply immersive, involving and affecting experience, and a great showcase for VR.

Price: USD 19.99 (RM90)

Download Adr1ft here from Oculus