The 12 best Oculus Rift games available now


About 12hrs in length, this is an interesting RPG that combines a Resident Evil-like fixed camera system (albeit one you can look around by moving your head) with Dark Souls-inspired sword and shield combat. It doesn’t initially seem terrifically deep, but it is very quick to pick up, good fun and nicely presented, with a lovely sense of scale to the environments.

There are some neat ideas here - die and you age a year, and as you get older you unlock more traits to make your replay a little easier. In other words, the better you do the harder the game becomes. You can play as male or female and there's a decent range of weapons (swords, axes, hammers, etc) and shields, too.

Price: USD39.99 (RM180)

Download Chronos here from Oculus

Arizona Sunshine

Resident Evil VII hasn't done much for the family-friendly reputation of VR zombie games - but Arizona Sunshine is rated as 'comfortable' by oculus. Whats the deal? 

Well, while there's plenty of anti-zombie gun-toting involved - with more than 25 weapons to lock and load - there's also a whole load of free-world exploration that sees you traipsing through deserts, mines and more. There's not quite as much terror and tension as in Res Evil (slow, lurching zombies help) but there's no lack of blood splatter.

There's multiplayer, too, so you and your mates can grab the Oculus Touch remotes and hit the hordes.

Price: USD39.99 (RM180)

Download Arizone Sunshine here from Oculus

The Unspoken

Play The Unspoken and, before long, casting glowing, destructive spells in engrossing urban environments will feel like exactly what the Rift was made for.

Using nothing but a floating pair of VR hands - controlled by Oculus Touch - you'll take part in spectacular duels, using objects around you to do battle with rival wizards and improve your status in the magic fighting communty.

The only problem? The game will make you feel a master of magic, so much so that you'll probably try and levitate the kettle to silence your in-laws.

Price: USD29.99 (RM135)

Download The Unspoken here from Oculus