15 incredibly useful tips that will change how you use Line

Here's how you can make one of the best chat apps on your smartphone even better

You probably have different messaging apps that you use for different purposes, but Line is more than a messaging app. It’s an entire social ecosystem.

You can play games, send self-destructing messages, and even earn real money on Line.

Intrigued? Read on to find out exactly how to make Line work its bottomless magic for you.

Send stickers that take over your friend’s screen

Want to really leave an impact in your Line chats? Do so with the new pop-up stickers that will take over your friend’s screen once you send them. It's a failproof way to get someone’s attention.


These are relatively new so there’s only one set available right now at US$1.99 (RM8.26) or 100 coins (Line currency). Be sure to update your Line app as these stickers will show up as static ones otherwise, which defeats the very purpose they’ve been created for.

Theme it up

If you’re one for self-expression, you’ll be glad to know that you can change how your Line app looks to one of your liking.


Go to Settings, then Themes, and lastly My Themes to switch between the three free ones. There’s the original green theme, a pink Cony one, and a Brown one. If you’re feeling flush, head over to the Theme Shop to transform the look of your Line app.

Have a massive group call

Being able to call your friends via Line is old news, but did you know you could have a group call? Not news either? Well, how about the fact that you can have one with up to 200 people if your squad is that big.


Go to the chat with the group you want to call, hit the phone icon, and then Start. Your friends will receive the notification and as soon as they tap the Join button, they’re in.

To avoid confusion, the picture of the person who is speaking will be marked out so you can make out who they are.

Score special deals

If you’re always on the hunt for a good deal, Line can help lead you to them. Just think of it as a digital bargain-seeking assistant. Especially when you switch notifications on so that you hear of them as soon as they’re available.


All you have to do is follow the official accounts of brands to keep up with their freshest promotions. Go to (...) and tap on Official Accounts to see what's available for you to follow. They range from Brands to Entertainment to Shopping.

Needless to say, they have special promotions exclusive to Line users running from time to time, so it really doesn't hurt to add a few of them.