13 of the biggest data-wasting mistakes you’re making on your iPhone

Avoid these mistakes and stop maxing out your data usage every month

You know that sinking feeling when you get a message from your telco helpfully informing you that you’ve busted your data cap for the month? Not to mention the fact that you’re only two weeks into your billing cycle. Crap.

We feel you. We’ve been there so many times before. Data comes at a premium these days and when you only have 2GB to work with, there’s no room for data consumption errors. Read on to see how you can prevent yourself from paying excess data charges. 

P.S: You should also probably read this when you have Wi-Fi.

Staying optimally connected

Sometimes your home Wi-Fi router can go a little batshit crazy, and when it does, your iPhone drops the Wi-Fi connection to connect automatically to 4G. This is to ensure your YouTube viewing marathon stays uninterrupted. The result? You have unknowingly stayed in the YouTube wormhole for 5 hours on a data connection.

Do this instead: To prevent the shock shock horror of receiving your phone bill, go to Settings, then Mobile Data, scroll all the way to the bottom to turn off Wi-Fi Assist. You might not have the smoothest user experience when your Wi-Fi connection weakens, but hey it’s better than blowing the roof off the data hut.

Letting ads use up your data

You know those annoying ads that appear when you browse the web? It takes data for them to load up. The New York Times did a study and found that they increase web page data sizes significantly.

But we don’t have a choice in the matter, you protest. Not if you have upgraded your phone to iOS 9. Apple has now embraced ad blocking apps.

Do this instead: Download either Crystal (US$0.99) or Purify (US$0.99) which will wipe mobile ads off the face of your webpages, thereby decreasing the amount of data each one takes up. You’ll find that webpages will load much faster, but the downside is they can be a little unstable; content can sometimes go missing. You gotta decide what’s more important.