11 of the best apps for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Install these digital delights to get the most out of your new mobile mammoth

After a year long truancy, the Note is back baby.

It's bigger, it’s faster, and it’s better than ever, and if you’ve read our full in-depth Galaxy Note 7 review, it’s very likely you’re planning to snap one up for yourself.

With an amorous HDR-ready curved screen, a 12MP camera and the most accurate S Pen yet, you'll need some worthy apps to take advantage of everything on offer.

Oh look, here they are:

Camera FV-5 (~RM13)

The Note 7’s camera is identical to the 12MP one found in the Galaxy S7, which means Dual Pixel focus, an F1.7 lens, larger 1.4 µm pixels, and Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS).

Combined, they result in one of the best smartphone cameras we’ve ever seen, and the S7 takes advantage of all of its imaging toys with a Pro mode, which lets you control the shutter speed, white balance and more.

Camera FV-5 is an app which pushes things a little further, for true smartphone photography enthusiasts. Its features include a live RGB histogram, full fledged exposure bracketing, locking, and more, throwing even more imaging superpowers straight into your hands.

Download Camera FV-5 here



Amazon Prime Instant Video

The Note 7's screen is HDR-capable, which means it's one of the first martphones to take advantages of services like Amazon Prime Instant Video's HDR content.

Feel free to swot up on HDR here, but in brief, it lets you view both light and dark portions of video simultaneously, producing more detail.

Amazon has confirmed that its HDR content will be available on the Note 7, but downloading it is a little trickier than just hitting up the Play Store, because Amazon's being all difficult. 

  1. Go here and download the Amazon Underground app.
  2. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources, and make sure that's on.
  3. Find your Amazon Underground apk - either by selecting it from the notification bar or using a file browser and heading to Downloads), and install.
  4. Once you fire it up, search for Amazon Video, install that, and you're sorted.

Snapseed (free)

The story doesn’t end once you’ve snapped shots with the Note 7’s camera. Good as they are, they can still be improved.

This image editing app has been top of its class for a long time, and its interface is fluid and intuitive, with its standout feature being the Stacks function, which allows you to pile up any selected tools or filters and return to them if they need adjusting.

Non-destructive editing is another noteworthy feature, offering a lifeline to those of us who throw effects at a wall to see what sticks. There are other image editing apps out there worth trying too of course, but with over 50 million downloads, this is a good place to start.

Download Snapseed here


Infinite Painter (free)

Infinite Painter claims to have the most advanced painting engine on a mobile device, which makes it a tasty pairing to the Note 7’s S Pen stylus.

There are over 80 brush presets, with the ability to create new ones yourself. Once you've used these to make a masterpiece (or just a weird attempt at expressing yourself with abstract cat portraits), you can then edit your work in a variety of ways.

You can abort an artistic abomination in a couple of taps, so whether you're the next Van Gogh, or you're just waiting in A&E with a bit of your ear missing, it's worth a shot.

Download Infinite Painter here

Evernote (free)

Evernote is a digital notebook on a cocktail of steroids, letting you store web clippings, photos and voice-memos, scan documents and sketches and then access them on any of your logged in devices.

You can search within your notes and images and then scribble all over them with the Note 7’s S Pen, and even share your files with friends or coworkers in a chat function similar to Whatsapp (with less memes and banter, of course).

Download Evernote here


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