100 Best Gadgets Ever: The Web, Everywhere

Remember the dark days before the iPhone? This era saw its launch, making the internet accessible anywhere
Web Everywhere

In the early days, we could only really access the World Wide Web from two places: home, or work. This all changed with the introduction of a phone from a company named Apple, which is still influencing our technology today.

With many of us largely dependent on our pocket tech nowadays, it was this era that asked the question of not what you could do whilst on the move, but what you couldn’t - and made it possible.

Heck, you’re probably reading this on the move. If you are, sit down (or don’t), have a read, and let us know your views on it: #WebEverywhere also saw the introduction of the hashtag.



On the face of it, Twitter is merely a playground for egotists and bores. But enough about the Stuff editorial team’s personal accounts – what Twitter has done for the way we consume information and interact with both brands and people is huge. Have you tried flicking through a daily newspaper recently? Why bother? Almost every single story you’d want to read, you’ve already seen on Twitter, neatly summed up in 140 characters (along with more than your fair share of cute cat photos and dinnertography). It’s also empowered whole societies, exposed wrongdoing and created the ‘second screen’ for TV commentary. Before too long there’ll be an account set up purely to tweet old photos of newspapers and clips from the six o’clock news. How sweet.