100 Best Gadgets Ever: We Got Game

Our tasting menu of history's greatest inventions continues with a trip through the era of the Game Boy, the MiniDisc and the first Apple Mac
100 best gadgets ever: we got game

A new crop of more powerful consoles was changing the way we played video games, while a few face-mounted 3D units allowed a glimpse at the future; technology was reshaping the way we listened to music; and Apple was making a really nice desktop computer you couldn't afford. When you think about it, the 1980s and early '90s were just like today, only with different haircuts.

And just as tech is reshaping the world at the pace of a stampeding mecha-bison today, there was lots to get excited about back then: the first proper handheld console, the dawn of digital music, the beginnings of a world in which personal computers became a big part of everyday life. Climb into the Stuff time machine (which, incidentally, isn't invented for another eight months) and join us for another dose of delicious gadget nostalgia…

tomytronic 3d (1983)

100 best gadgets ever: we got game

Its binocular stylings, complete with neck strap, belie the fact that Tomytronic 3D was the first 3D home gaming system. OK, so its gameplay and graphics were a bit repetitive, but chasing high scores in the likes of Shark Attack and Thundering Turbo ensured an immersive experience full of flashing, bleeping fun.