100 Best Gadgets Ever: The Future Starts Here

Our run-down of the greatest gadgets of all time concludes with a look at the last few years

In the early years of the 21st century, a flurry of new gadgets emerged - smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, laptops that weren't made of coal - and in the last few years we've seen these devices outgrow their early, experimental versions to become fast, formidable fulfiments of their early promises. And at the same time, a new crop of emerging technologies has emerged: 3D printing, virtual reality and wearable tech are all at that nascent stage that smartphones were 10 years ago. 

(Image credit: fdecomite)

Samsung Galaxy S3 (2012)

When the S3 arrived it did something no other phone had managed: it knocked the latest iPhone (the 4S) off the top spot in our smartphones Top 10. With bags of power enabling it to play videos even while gaming, and a dazzling Super AMOLED screen it was unprecedentedly slick for an Android phone and marked the start of a fierce battle for the top spot.

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