10 top tips for improving your Apple Music experience

Fine-tune your Apple Music journey with our navigation notes

Using Apple Music can feel like you’re navigating a musical maze at first, what with its endless options and and unfamiliar UI.

Never fear, Stuff is here. And we’ve poked around in the nooks and crannies, the drop-down menus, the tabs you never thought clickable of Apple Music to bring you tips for navigating the murky waters of Apple’s new music streaming service.

Disable automatic follow

The default setting has you following every artist whose music you add to your library on Connect. But just because you like their music doesn’t mean you necessarily want a peek into their lives. Unclutter your Connect section especially if you have extremely eclectic taste by taking back control of who you choose to follow, disable Automatically Follow Artists.

How: Go to your account settings (represented by that shadowy figure in a circle), tap Following, and make sure Automatically Follow Artists is toggled off. You can always keep it toggled on if you truly want an insight into every artist’s hedonistic lifestyle.

Disconnect from Connect

You really, really don’t care for Connect, you just want to listen to music and not bear envious witness to a rockstar’s life. If you hate having a tab that you’ll never use take up space on the menu bar of Apple Music, there’s a way to replace it with something far more useful - the Playlists tab.

How: Go to Settings, then General, then Restrictions. Make sure you enable them before scrolling a little way down to disable Apple Music Connect. The next time you pop back into the Apple Music app, you’ll find that the Connect option has been replaced by Playlists. Magic!

Make available offline

If you are on a limited data plan, you better listen up good. The thing about streaming music is that it will guzzle up a lot of your data when you’re not on Wi-Fi because you’ll still be streaming from the internet.

How: When you find a track or playlist you like, all you need to do to make it available offline is to tap the more icon (...) and Make Available Offline. The action not only makes the music you select available offline, it also adds it to My Music automatically. So you don't have to go through two steps by adding it to My Music, then making it available offline.