10 things you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 3

Apple's smartwatch evolves from iPhone accessory to wrist-based phone…

The Apple Watch Series 3 has just broken the law of trilogies by making its third installment the best one yet.

But what exactly does it do better than the Series 2, A.K.A our favourite smartwatch?

Although not a complete reinvention of the Apple Watch, it is a big, athletic lunge forward.

Here’s are the reasons why it might just have rocketed to the top of your Christmas list (no, it’s not too early to be thinking about that)...

1) It lets you make phone-free calls

Out for a run and need an emergency motivational chat? The Watch Series 3 with cellular lets you make phone calls straight from your wrist, all without your iPhone.

It does this thanks to an eSIM, which shares the same number as your phone. The good news is that it doesn’t look like you’ll have to hold your watch’s mic right up to your face, with the live demo showing a chat with someone out paddleboarding.

While that’s a situation that we’ve found ourselves in, oh, never, it could the feature that turns smartwatches from phone accessories into proper standalone gadgets. That’s because you’ll also be able to the cellular connection for other things, like streaming music (see below) and following map directions.

2) It’ll come in two flavours

Not convinced you’ll ever need to talk to your smartwatch? There is also a non-cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 3, to sit alongside the flagship Dick Tracy version.

It’ll come with all of the new hardware goodies below and will cost £70 (RM400) less at £329 (RM1840 which is RM200+ less than price of the Series 2), while the Series 3 with cellular will cost £399 (RM2230).

3) It looks (pretty much) identical to its predecessor

So the rumours of an ‘all-new form factor’ were wrong. Well, at least until next year.

The Watch Series 3 is physically pretty much identical to the Series 2, aside from the cellular version’s red digital crown.

An unsubtle attempt to win a Red Dot design award? Either way, it’ll mark you out as the owner of the newest Apple Watch, if onlookers hadn’t already gathered that from watching you talk to it.

Even with the cellular radio, the Series 3’s case is identical in size to its predecessor too, with just 0.25mm added to the rear crystal bump. Which is pretty impressive, considering the girth of some of Android Wear’s cellular smartwatches.