10 very useful things you can do on your iPhone's lock screen

Clear all notifications

If you’re the type to maintain inbox zero, you’re probably hung up on clearing all notifications as well.

Before iOS 10, there wasn’t an option to junk everything at once and you’d annoyingly have to clear all notifications one by one. But now there is.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to see your notifications and tap that tiny ‘x’ in the top right corner to do away with everything.

By the way, when you’re viewing all your notifications, you can also 3D Touch each one to see your interaction options.

Getting widget with it

To make the lock screen's widgets more useful, swipe to the right. Line up all the things you want to get access to without having to unlock your phone, scroll right to the bottom, tap on Edit to make changes if you’re not feeling your current line-up of widgets, and boom - you've got your favourite widgets, in order, available with a simple swipe.

Control your music

Sure, you can hit up your tracks when you wake your phone for the first time. But if you’re mucking around with the other interactions on your lock screen and want to play a different song, just swipe up from the bottom to get to your Control Center, then swipe left to reach your music controls.

Also, if you have any smart home devices connected via the Home app, you can access them on the panel after the music controls too.