10 very useful things you can do on your iPhone's lock screen

Access a recent app

Need to quickly get back in the PoGo zone after leaving the office? Swipe to the right to see Siri App Suggestions. This should include a list of your four most recently used apps in the default view, and up to eight if you tap Show More.

No more having to search through your massive list of apps for your most popular ones. Handy eh?

Raise to wake

If you're wondering why Apple introduced Press Home to Unlock in the first place, it's because Tim Cook and co. don't want you to skip straight past all the lock screen's fancy new features, and you can now turn the screen on without having to press anything at all - just pick it up.

This new iOS 10 feature is similar to how the Apple Watch already wakes when you raise your wrist.

To enable Raise to Wake, head into Settings, Display & Brightness and enable Raise to Wake. Now you can still access your lock screen even with the old Touch ID interaction enabled.

Change the intensity of your torch

Swipe upwards from the bottom to bring up the Control Center. From here, you can tap on the torch icon to turn it on.

If you don’t want to blind people in the cinema with the harsh glare, 3D Touch the icon to select the level of intensity. Tap on the icon again to switch it off. Easy.