10 things we learnt at PlayStation Experience 2017

All the info on upcoming PlayStation 4 games, including Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Gran Turismo Sport and more

Not even Sony were prepared for the amount of gamers that hit KL Live for the first Sony PlayStation Experience (PSX) event in Southeast Asia.

At one point the crowd stretched so far back that you couldn’t see the end of the line anymore, and that’s no surprise - especially since gamers were lining up since 5am to be the first to try some of the upcoming PlayStation 4 (PS4) games before anyone else.

We had a hands-on opportunity with most of the games on offer, as well as hear and speak to some of the the developers who attended the event. There’s so much to say and talk about, so here’s 11 things you should know that happened at PlayStation Experience 2017:

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

It’s been six years since the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3, and to switch things up it’s now a 2-on-2 fighting game, and there's a lot of neat features for players new to the fighting game genre.

Promotion Producer Tomoaki Ayano and Assistant Producer Kansuke Sakurai (whose English was fantastic) from the Capcom development team talked us through the Auto combo and Easy Hyper Combo - just button-mash Square to perform sick combos that could even launch your opponent into the air, and when he's down for the count, press Triangle and Circle together to launch your finishing move.

Then there’s the Infinity Stones - six of them are at your disposal to mess with your opponent. Each Stone can do one of two things. There’s Infinity Surge, which players can use anytime by pressing L1 - so if you pick the Time Stone you can do a quick dash. The second is the Infinity Storm, which activates by pressing L1 + R1 to unleash the Stone’s super power, like the Space Stone which traps your opponent into a box. There’s a lot of depth involved in picking the right stone with the right pair.

They also mentioned Marvel had a big role in selecting the characters for the new MvC iteration, which explains the introduction of Rocket Raccoon and Captain Marvel and the lack of old favourites like Cyclops and Wolverine (RIP Berserker Barrage).

The load times are still noticeable in the playable game on the floor, but it is extremely easy to pick up and play. Simply button-mashing alone looks as good as watching the pros on-screen, and these auto-assists can be turned off if you want a challenge.

Roleplay Avengers Infinity War with Ryu and Chun-Li from 21 September.



Gran Turismo Sport

This has to be the most beautiful, most realistic Gran Turismo ever to be released.

So beautiful, that current generation consoles and TVs aren't able to showcase it’s true potential. While current generation displays average at 1000 nits, Gran Turismo Sport is prepared for 10,000 nits of display power.

Gran Turismo legend Kazunori Yamauchi was on-hand to explain about the new game features, most of which we’ve already covered in these 6 reasons to be excited about Gran Turismo Sport.

He did explain further about the FIA-approved e-racing championship: There will two professional leagues where racers can either represent their countries (Nations Cup) or side with their favourite car make (Manufacturer Fan Cup) for players of any age. It will culminate in a world final, where the winners will be awarded at an FIA ceremony alongside real drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Sad to say Malaysia isn’t on the list of countries to represent in the “World Cup” of racing - “Kaz” Yamauchi explains he needs the push from the national automotive club of our country to show interest in joining. But he is delighted that nations like the UK and Australia with over 100 years of motorsport history jumped on the bandwagon as soon as they could.

He also explained why there isn’t a PlayStation VR standalone version of the game - while VR mode is one part of the Gran Turismo Sport and you can drive selected cars in VR, he says playing VR for hours on end would be very difficult.

And will we see a return of Gran Turismo 6 track making app? No plans yet unfortunately.

Read our hands-on review of Gran Turismo 6 here, then get ready to start your engines in October.