10 super fun apps and games that will kill your time - not your battery

It’s all very well being entertained on the go - until you can’t make a call when you arrive

If you’re packed like sardines into a budget carrier, apps and games can keep you occupied. The tiny snag: some (most) will suck your smartphone’s battery dry.

Fear not! Stuff is here to help: this list unearths apps and games we reckon are entertaining, quick to get into, and have enough longevity to last you for a flight. More importantly, they’ll leave you with enough juice to call a cab on reaching your destination.

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build

A little monster has no friends in this former app of the week, so decides to make some from snow. However, snowman building is a precise art, requiring three balls of specific sizes, and the snow is packed into tiny fenced-off areas of land.

So: a drag-based Soko-Ban-style puzzler, more or less, but with gorgeous graphics, and plenty of devious challenges. Fortunately, you have access to several at once, rather than remaining frozen when stuck.

Battery munch: less than five per cent per hour.

Buy A Good Snowman… for Android (RM25) or iOS (RM19.90)


The most famous comics app of them all, now owned by Amazon, naturally needs some setting up before you fly. But load some comics on to your phone and you’ll be entertained by everything from the superhero spandex brigade to more thoughtful indie fare.

Do avoid excitedly yelling BIF!, POW! and WHAM! during the entire flight, though, or you might be arrested on landing – or at the very least hated by everyone in your immediate vicinity.

Battery munch: almost nothing – a couple of per cent per hour. Then again, comics are essentially just images.

Download Comixology for Android and iOS


This one’s something of a mobile classic, with you ushering a trundling cube to each isometric level’s exit.

As you progress, the game reveals more surprises, and you’ll need strong reactions, a good memory, and a beady eye on the mini-map to emerge victorious with the best times and ratings. If you like it, sequel Edge Extended for Android and iOS is also superb.

Battery munch: a smidge more than ten per cent per hour.

Buy Edge for Android (RM11) and iOS (RM12.90)