10 Spider-Man: Homecoming Easter Eggs you may have missed

SPOILER ALERT: Here's your homework done for you from Spidey's latest adventure

Spider-Man: Homecoming has got it all – brilliant popcorn entertainment for filmgoers, and plenty of nerdy references for die-hard fans.

It may deviate from traditional Spider-Man plots, but Marvel’s making the most of its artistic license to deliver fresh material – highly commendable given how overstretched the genre has become.

This feature is for the nerds and comic-book lovers, like ourselves. Homecoming has plenty of references and easter eggs to look out for, and we’ve done the hard work for you to keep up your title as the ultimate Spider-Man know-it-all (not a reference to those mediocre comics). If you haven't yet seen the movie, you're welcome to read our spoiler-free review

Spoilers, here on out. Read on!

Homage to kiss in Spider-Man (2002)

A part of Homecoming’s genius is its ability to sneak in references like these in a clever and natural way that doesn’t convolute the story.

The first one we noticed was a hilarious homage to the unforgettable upside-down smooch between Spidey and Mary Jane from Spider-Man (2002), perhaps cinema's most iconic kiss. In Homecoming, Spider-Man rescues his friends in the Washington Monument elevator. He hurries Liz out while hanging from the roof of the lift. She’s clearly mesmerised at the sight of the superhero she’s been crushing on, and sensing the opportunity, Karen, Spidey’s cheeky AI (who is voiced by the amazing Jennifer Connelly, by the way) prompts him in his ear, “kiss her!” It didn’t happen but we got that. Nice one, Marvel. 

Throwback to final battle in Spider-Man (2002)

Remember that scene from the final battle between Spidey and the Green Goblin, where Gobby stalls to ready up his glider to impale Spider-Man? The glider zooms toward Spidey, but thanks to spider-sense, he does a backflip to dodge the glider which inadvertently pierces Osborn instead.

Similarly, we’ve another flying object in Homecoming – Vulture’s wings. In the Vulture’s lair, Peter confronts the Vulture, who likewise stalls to ready his wings. The wings dive toward Peter who just manages to avoid impalement with a neat backflip. Coincidence? We think not. No one dies here though, or at all in the whole film. Warm and fuzzy feels. 

Miles Morales exists!

Spider-Man may have put on a ridiculously unthreatening voice, but the interrogation scene with Aaron Davis (a.k.a. the Prowler) was more significant than you think. He gave up the Vulture’s details wanting to keep weapons off the streets and his nephew safe.

In the comics, Davis’ nephew is none other than Miles Morales, heir to Parker’s Spider-Man in an alternate universe. This hints at Miles’ existence and opens possible sequels and tie-ins in the future for Marvel – if that’s something we want in the first place. But don’t get us wrong, Miles Morales is a fan favourite.