10 sci-fi Vimeo short films we wish were longer

We’ve got your weekend night movie marathon covered

Vimeo has an incredible catalogue of short films (that sometimes grow into big Hollywood films) to keep you entertained. We know all about your short attention span so we’ve thoughtfully curated some of the finest sci-fi for your weekend viewing.

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1) R’ha

An alien civilisation is in trouble after their own military machines turn on them. Now we have no idea what to be more afraid of: aliens or machines, given that this is probably after the human race has been extinguished by either or both of them. R’ha has already been picked up to be developed into a full-length feature backed by a Star Wars producer no less. If all this can be done on a limited budget, imagine what the full-fledged movie will look.

Killer Tech Cameo in R'ha

The mechanical interrogator that somehow manages to be creepy as heck even though there’s a weirder looking alien in the same shot. How does it manage to look that scary even without a face?

2) Sight

Here’s something a little different just in time for Valentine’s Day. This graduation project from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design puts everything we’ve ever done in school to shame. Imagine having tech in your eyes that feeds you all the information you need for every moment in your life. Now put that in the context of relationships. Creepy or romantic? Watch and judge for yourself.

Killer tech cameo in Sight

The Sight System that turns every little thing you do into a game. How about some real life Fruit Ninja to make you cook more and develop obsessive-compulsive behaviour at the same time?