The 10 Reasons Why I Switched from Android To The Apple iPhone 11 Pro

The Apple ecosystem is a major reason

As a proud and loyal Android user for almost a decade, Apple’s latest iPhone offerings have certainly roped me back into their ecosystem with a slew of clever software upgrades, a premium exterior and an amazing camera. Here are 10 reasons why I had decided to give up my Android for the iPhone 11 Pro in these recent weeks.    

In 2010, I briefly used the iPhone 3GS until I started my career at Stuff Malaysia, where the job inevitably opened up my world to a deluge of Android and BlackBerry smartphones. And ever since, I had abandoned the iPhone as my daily driver save for my MacBook, which became my only anchor to the Apple ecosystem. 

Almost a decade later, I got my hands on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and realised how much it has changed over the many years with my absence of using an Apple device. And to my surprise, the iPhone 11 Pro actually managed to provide me with new and refreshed experiences!  

I decided to write this story to document the 10 reasons why I really resonated with the iPhone 11 Pro and what actually made me switch from Android to iPhone recently. But do note that this is coming from someone who has very little familiarity with the iPhone for many years.

1. Camera Quality

Ever since acquiring the iPhone 11 Pro, I’ve started comparing photo and video quality against the many latest Android phones lying around in the office. As far as my own eyes could discern, the iPhone 11 Pro’s photographs and videos are a lot more detailed, sharper and truer to the subject’s natural setting and environment. But don’t just take my word for it. I have included a set of unedited photos taken by the iPhone 11 Pro and one other flagship Android smartphone just so that you too can be the judge.

2. Edit Everything In Real Time

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is now equipped with some really cool software tools that seem to operate extremely smoothly - and that’s because with iOS 13, you can now edit photos and videos using the Photos app on the iPhone 11 Pro itself. One thing that stands out particularly to my liking is the amount of editing you can do to portrait photos such as depth adjustment and manipulating the lighting with a myriad of effects! While Androids allow similar post-editing features for portrait photos as well, the iPhone stands out to me with its Portrait Lighting effects, which includes the High-Key Light Mono that lets you create classic-looking monochrome photos on white background. 

Here’s some before and after photos performed via the Photos app’s manipulations:


3. QuickTake Video

Possibly the most convenient of all is the QuickTake feature. By simply holding the shutter button, the iPhone 11 Pro starts shooting videos! It sounds simple but my experience with other Android phones requires a mode or frame switch. It’s such a clever software tweak that no other phones thought off, so hats off to Apple for making this a reality. Some Androids allow you to go burst mode while holding down the shutter button, which is neat but comparatively, I take more videos than doing burst shots so I do prefer the iPhone 11 Pro’s QuickTake feature.

4. A Great Companion To The MacBook Via iCloud

I am still an Apple fan when it comes to the MacBooks. Some days after I started using the iPhone 11 Pro, I began to understand how much Apple products complement each other to give users the most seamless way in organising files and storing data. iCloud is one such service that I have truly seen its effectiveness in syncing files across all your Apple machines and devices. My photos taken from the iPhone are now readily available on my MacBook Pro and I can easily drop my files into iCloud, which I can access on-the-go via the iPhone 11 Pro. And setting up all these is a breeze with an iCloud account.

5. AirDrop It Like It’s Hot

We edit quite a lot of raw video footage over at the Stuff Malaysia office, where most were taken from smartphones. The iPhone 11 Pro has pretty much taken over the role as the primary video shooter thanks to its amazing camera. In retrospect, it’s always a hassle to transfer large video files into our machines, which in my case would be my Macbook Pro. As I was figuring out on transferring video files from the iPhone 11 Pro to my MacBook Pro, the AirDrop feature - to which I only became familiar with now - has managed to impress me as one of the fastest file transfer speeds I’ve experienced. Several gigabytes of videos were fully transferred in less than a minute, which cuts off a considerable amount of time for our video editing process. It’s not a new feature but I am sold anyways.

6. Third-party Apps Seemed To Work Better?

While this might be subjective, third-party apps do start up and function better on the iPhone 11 Pro. Possibly thanks to the hardware and the well-polished iOS 13. But to compare opening a simple app, such as Carousell, the iPhone 11 Pro’s version has better in-app messaging speeds, smoother browsing experience, faster general loading speeds, speedier app start-up and an overall smoother use. Understandably, apps created for Android need to be developed in a way that it must be compatible with a myriad of Android devices while apps created for iOS does not have the same variety of screen sizes and hardware differences.

7. I Went Back Into Playing Mobile Games

One of the main reasons why I used to own the iPhone 3GS was for casual mobile gaming. Back then, the iPhone offers pretty much the best touchscreen experience for mobile games when there weren’t as many Android smartphones as today. But ever since my migration over to Android, I’ve literally stopped mobile gaming. I’ve downloaded and installed a variety of games over the years but they never lasted more than a few days. Gaming on Android smartphones didn’t appeal to me as I used to cycle through a variety of devices, whether they are review units or my personal smartphones. Entry-level Android smartphones certainly won’t give you the best gaming experience while high-end devices come and go really fast in our office, denying any sort of long-term gaming. With the iPhone 11 Pro, I was reminded how much games were played so smoothly on my older iPhone 3GS. I’ve downloaded a variety of action and RPG games, which surprisingly seem to run better than consoles, while the graphics are sharper and richer - thanks to the new Super Retina XDR display.  

Moreover, Apple just recently introduced the Apple Arcade; a subscription-based service that allows you to play a growing list of high-quality games with only a minimal subscription fee every month! Accessing Apple Arcade on the iPhone 11 Pro is really simple and I am already hooked on a few exclusive titles. All these additions into the Apple ecosystem makes using the iPhone 11 Pro an even more all-encompassing experience, one that Android has yet to offer.


8. It Ended My Need For Power Banks

Every single smartphone I’ve ever used had always been accompanied with a power bank tucked away somewhere, usually in my backpack. No smartphones had lasted me more than a day in terms of battery life and constant charging is a must when I am attending events or travelling abroad. It wasn’t a hassle but I’d be happier without the extra weight and bulk. With the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, I was amazed by how much the battery was able to withstand heavy tasks such as gaming and videography. I only ever needed to charge every two or three days even while travelling in Japan for work. The A13 Bionic chip really shines in this case, where it efficiently runs all tasks, giving users incredible battery life on-the-go. I appreciate this feature so much that I am confident with the iPhone 11 Pro lasting through  days without the need for my power bank around me.

9. Everything Just Feels Like It’s Meant To Be

Trust me; I am not advertising or promoting the iPhone 11 Pro, but it’s the very fact that it just feels intuitive to use it. Intuitive in terms of how everything a smartphone is meant to be. A long-lasting battery life, smooth operation through and through, and a camera that takes natural-looking photos and videos. The amount of hardware and software upgrades must’ve been massive. While the aesthetics of the iPhone 11 Pro had come into some slight debates months before release, I actually liked how it looks after getting my hands on it. The entirety of the back glass is custom-developed with precision detailing all the way to camera enclosure, which shows how much detail Apple has put into the iPhone 11 Pro.  

Bearing in mind that the iPhone had always kick-started design trends in smartphones throughout the years and ignited external competition in terms of hardware and software, I do feel that Apple still has it. The iPhone 11 Pro shows that the company is still able to maintain all the familiar features while enhancing them with subtle finesse. This is unlike Androids where smartphones from differing brands have their own unique way in delivering the operating system and hardware features. Therefore, I really do appreciate how the iPhone 11 Pro just takes everything, make them all better inside and out while retaining the brand DNA, and give customers the best device they can achieve.

10. Cool iPhone 11 Pro Cases Are Coming

If there’s one last thing I love about the iPhone that Androids seem to have a hard time catching up with are the cool , geeky and unique aftermarket iPhone cases developed by both reputable and independent brands. Over the many years of using Androids, I would get slightly miffed when nice cases would be released only for the iPhone. I shared some unique iPhone cases of yesteryears above, which were definitely my own personal interest and wish they were available on Android!


While this sounds completely superficial, iPhones are quite standardised in its variations and have a longer lifespan with users unlike the deluge of Androids. This makes it easy for brands to create cases for the iPhone. I was recently abroad in Japan and many unique iPhone 11 Pro cases have begun to surface. It’s only a matter of time that we will see even more cases for the iPhone 11 Pro fill up the shelves. This is definitely not the main reason why I switched but if I could wrap my iPhone 11 Pro to look like this Pokédex, I am definitely staying loyal to the iPhone 11 Pro for years to come.