The 10 PlayStation 3 games you should revisit on PS4 right now

4) Heavy Rain (2010)

Narrative-centric games have grown in quantity and quality over the past few several years, but time hasn't dulled the edge of Heavy Rain. David Cage's one-of-a-kind adventure twists and turns with intertwined storylines surrounding the Origami Killer serial murderer.

Look, Heavy Rain is still as awkward as it ever was, but this storytelling experiment still thrills with multiple endings and prominent character deaths along the way. You can play it on PS4 with the remastered edition (also available in a two-pack with the weaker Beyond: Two Souls), or find it on PlayStation Now.

5) DiRT 3 (2011)

Surely one of the last-gen's top racers, DiRT 3 built upon the great fun of its predecessor to elevate the old Colin McRae franchise even further. The handling is meatier, the graphics impress, and the addition of Gymkhana and other off-road events adds even more fun and variety.

We have the new Dirt Rally on PS4, but it's a bit dry by comparison and can be tougher to get into. DiRT 3, meanwhile, hits that sweet spot between accessibility and depth, and it's still a blast today. This one's streaming on PlayStation Now.

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6) Resistance 3 (2011)

All three Resistance games were pretty strong console shooters, but for our money, the third time was the charm. With Resistance 3, Insomniac scaled down the massive campaign just a bit and focused on a more personal story – all while ratcheting up the tension.

The multiplayer servers are toast, so you'll only have one half of the game to enjoy now, but Resistance 3's solo quest made a big impression upon us and we still think it's tops. With no remaster in sight, this one's only available via PlayStation Now.