10 Pinteresting tips and tricks for purposeful Pinterest users

Pinterest is more useful than you think. Here are some neat ways to make it better

Pinterest is the internet's manifestation of obsessive scrapbookers and planners of the future. 

Over the years, it’s gone from the image-based bookmarking website for shoppers to eclectic directory of craftsmen, event planners, and wannabe fashion gurus. It has become an useful tool to source for ideas and places of interest, and it's getting better – soon we'll be able to buy stuff (in general) through Pinterest too. Here are 10 useful tips that will help you up your Pinterest game.

1. The URL of pins

If for some reason you’re looking just for pins from specific sites, simply put this URL into your browser: www.pinterest.com/source/[URLofsite]This is a godsend if you’re trying to track pins of your own site, or have a favourite blog that you’re following.

2. Never miss a spot

Sure you can pin pictures and URLs, but pinning places is a totally different thing. Place Pins lets you bookmark places of interest, so you can create your own bucket list of underground hipster cafes that your friends are always taking amazing photos of. Plus, if you use Pinterest on Android, you have the option of saving Place Pins as well as have the app ping you every time you’re nearby, so you'll never forget to visit. 

3.  Magic aspect ratios

While Facebook prefers landscape images and Instagram favours square images, Pinterest loves portraits. There’s something about the way it looks in the Pinterest feed that makes it stand out. If you’re trying to become Pinterest-famous, try these magic aspect ratios: 2:3 or 1:3.5. Images with a 1:3.5 aspect ratio are super long, so they’ll only be shown in full when the “expand pin” option is clicked, making it perfect for Infographics.