The 10 original Xbox games we want to play on Xbox One

There's much more than just Halo worth revisiting from the O.G. Xbox collection

Microsoft teased it back in 2015, but it always seemed like a long shot. But now it's really happening: we'll be able to play original Xbox games on Xbox One later this year.

Xbox 360 backwards compatibility came to Xbox One back in late 2015, and now there are 300+ games playable via disc or digital copies. We don't know how many classic Xbox games will be playable from the start, but we already know which games we want the most.

Microsoft's first console had a number of excellent originals and brilliant multiplatform games, and some are still plenty of fun after all these years. Here are the first 10 classic Xbox games we hope to pop into our Xbox One before the year's up.

Burnout 3: Takedown

The racing genre has progressed so much over the last 13 years, yet Burnout 3: Takedown still stands as one of the all-time greatest racers – and arguably the best of the series.

Fast and frenzied driving is the name of the game, with violent vehicular takedowns key to your success. The dizzying speed and responsive controls make the races incredibly entertaining, plus Burnout 3 has the excellent Crash mode, of course, which lets you create utter mayhem by smashing your car into dense traffic jams. It might seem a little rudimentary now, but the fun is still there.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Have you heard of this little game called Halo? Of course you have: it's still the centerpiece of the Xbox lineup, and the original Xbox edition kicked things off.

Halo was one of the pioneering console-exclusive first-person shooters, with a sweeping campaign and brilliant split-screen and LAN play. You can experience a flashier version in The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, but those of us who still have the original disc in a bin somewhere might want to pop it in for a nice flashback. And of course there's also Halo 2.

Jet Set Radio Future

After closing up shop on the Dreamcast, Sega turned to the Xbox to continue some of its more eccentric software development – and Jet Set Radio Future is the best of the bunch.

Like the seminal original, Jet Set Radio Future is a game about rolling around Tokyo, spraying killer graffiti tags all over the place, and evading the cops. But the power of the Xbox helped elevate the cel-shaded art direction dramatically, plus JSRF has one of the absolute coolest soundtracks around. It's a niche favourite, but there are actually lots of copies out there since it was bundled alongside Sega GT 2002 with Xbox consoles for a stretch.