10 of the most luxurious gifts you can never afford

Obviously there is a market for things only the disgustingly rich can afford. Don't expect these as your stocking stuffers this year

[Picture credit: Neiman Marcus]

For most of us plebians, the really good stuff we want can only be gotten after scrimping, saving or maxing out a credit card or two. But for those with a constant line of credit and more money than a small island nation can spend in a hundred years, there are plenty of things to clutter up your mansion with.

1. Neiman Marcus' fantasy gifts

Each year, luxe retailer Neiman Marcus publishes its yearly 'fantasy gifts' catalogue. Yes, you can actually buy the stuff in the catalogue if you're rich but for everyone else, it's a fantasy.Among the many frighteningly expensive things in the catalogue is an exclusive Neiman Marcus 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante, one of only 10 in the world. For just US$344,500 (RM1.13 million). Or perhaps a his-and-her outdoor entertainment system that'll set you back US$1.5 million. Should I mention it comes with a 201″ screen and iPad minis as remotes?