Sadako vs Kayako: the 10 most iconic horror movie villains of all time

Also known as the 10 worst ways to die

Usually, growing up with someone or something tends to endear you towards the subject.

These 10 individuals, however, while popular in their own right, should have the complete opposite effect. In the sense that they’d scare you into turning your white pants brown.

We rank Stuff’s top 10 most iconic horror movie villains ever.

10. Damien Thorn

As if being the son of the devil wasn’t enough, Damien’s also the Antichrist who’ll bring about the end of the world. In the Omen trilogy, at least, and he starts killing when he’s just a kid. That’s probably the most chilling part about Damien – that he can be so charming and seemingly innocent yet be pure evil.

That’s the essence of being the devil, we suppose – it isn’t the paranormal powers that make Damien dangerous, it’s his ability to manipulate people into doing exactly what he wants. Well, the special powers help too, we suppose. Is it us, or is the child Damien much creepier than the adult one?

Best remembered for: Knocking his mother over the railing with his bicycle, causing her to have a miscarriage.

9. Leatherface

His face isn’t really made of leather… it’s actually human skin. The main antagonist of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, Leatherface has appeared in a total of seven films in the franchise. Leatherface doesn’t actually have any supernatural powers; in layman terms, he’s just a psycho with a chainsaw, that he uses to truly devastating effect.

The reason he’s crazy is some kind of caricature of Southern America too, being part of an inbred family that’s just an insane. Basically, they tell him what to do – which is mainly kill people – and he’ll chainsaw them to pieces before they eat all of it. Yeah, they’re cannibals too, and what they don’t eat, they sell to people in a diner. Gotta love how they hang on to America’s famous capitalist spirit!

Leatherface didn’t just terrorise passing travellers, he inspired several movies to follow, such as the Hills Have Eyes series, giving him a spot on this list.

Best remembered for: What’s been dubbed “the Chainsaw Dance”, where he swings his chainsaw around in rage at the end of the first film in 1974.

8. Jigsaw

To be fair, Jigsaw never killed anybody himself, he just put them in life or death situations that required great sacrifices to survive. Hey, if you don’t have the guts to inflict severe bodily harm upon yourself or others in order to save your own life, you deserve to die, right?

Yeah…. how about no? Frankly, the most horrifying thing about Jigsaw is how real he could be. A terminally-ill cancer patient who survives a suicide attempt and decides it’s “time to play a game”? That’s completely possible, which adds a warped realism to the Saw movies that saw it through so many sequels.

Let’s hope you never pass out one day, and wake up to find yourself trapped in a deadly contraption unless you dig out your own eye or something.

Best remembered for: It’s a toss-up between the pig mask, that creepy puppet that cycles around, and his potentially fatal games. Take your pick, they’re all pretty messed up.