10 of the most aww-some GoPro videos ever made

Fireman Saves Kitten

What’s so cute about finding a dead kitten on the floor of a burning house, you might ask a little way into the video? Before you call PETA on us, give it a few more seconds. See what we mean now? Go ahead and cry, it’s okay, we won’t tell. 

Baby Walker

Watch as baby Antoine leaves a path of death and destruction on home furniture in his wake as he wobbles around holding on to his walker. Who says home videos can't be just as hardcore? Not Antoine’s parents or the furnishing, for sure.

Seal Belly Rub

Out in England’s Farne Islands apparently lives a pod of seals which relish getting their bellies rubbed by visiting divers, or so we've concluded after watching this video. We’d advise you not to try this though, unless you can afford to lose a few fingers. 

Cat Bike Guy

Oh look, a cat riding the shoulders of his human as they weave through the streets of Philadelphia on a bicycle. It’s proper hipster stuff but we’re distracted by how calm the cat is, even in the face of noisy traffic. That's one cool cat.