10 of the most aww-some GoPro videos ever made

These videos will turn even the most cynical man into a puddle of goo
10 of the most aww-some GoPro videos

Life itself is an adventure. You don’t have to fall out of a plane or dive with sharks to own a GoPro.

Check out these videos which prove that day to day moments are just as cinematic as the adrenaline-pumpers. Feel the warmth and fuzzies with these aww-inducing videos.

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Lion Cub Roar

Lion cub paws playfully at a GoPro stuck in the middle of the African savannah. Are you dying from the cuteness yet? We hope not, because what happens slightly later will push you over the edge. Hit play to see what we mean. 

Father Son Tandem Bike Ride

Aren’t father and son hangouts the sweetest? Watch as the duo hit the trails in their home town on their cool tandem bike and cycle all the way to get an ice-cream. The little guy’s joy and enthusiasm will leave you wanting to spend some time with your pops this weekend.