Instagram feed: 10 Malaysian foodies you should follow

Because no food: no life. Literally.

Facebook may be for old people (unfortunately, that most likely includes your very august selves), but Instagram is - for the moment - for everyone. As we whittle away what little unoccupied time we have scrolling and tapping through our instagram feeds, just for once let Instagram feed us… with inspiration for our next meals!

Food is an addiction. The love of the dining experience is as captivating as heroin, only the syringes are stuck in your poultry or come served as pretentious appetizer if you’re at one of those joints that deconstruct food (in case your stomach acids are incapable of such a feat, apparently). But we all need our vices, so why not let yours be the pursuit of the epicurean pinnacle? Whether your dining goals be lofty, or your cravings be sudden, or probably because you’re bored - let these local foodagram accounts point your tastebuds in the right direction.

Additional words by Susan Lau


Jonathan Ooi used to have one of the better, more original local food blogs at alilfatmonkey.com but while his blog has gone on a long hiatus, he still Instagrams. Currently based in Hong Kong, he shows the same eye for detail and composition that he did on his blog.

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You might have seen this bubbly chef on the Asian Food Channel. Anis Nabilah has a pretty hectic schedule seeing as how her Instagram feeds aren't purely food - there's the odd hobnobbing and family photos but there's no denying her food photos really do look good enough to eat, whether it's food she makes or not.

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From finance to cooking - Guan Chua made quite the career change and he also blogs about his culinary adventures. Based in London, he also hosts the Nyonya Supper Club there. His Instagram features not just his own delicious cooking but photos of food he's tried on his travels. A Cordon Bleu-trained chef, you'll also find links to his recipes.

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