10 gadgets that are all called 'One'

1. Klipsch image one

Klipsch Image One

We'd have suggested Klipsch Image Sexy BassChampion, but fine, you go with One. It's a popular choice. 

1. HTC One


Possibly the Oneiest name in the history of gadgets. HTC had already made Google's Nexus One, then the One X, then the One X+, not to mention the One S and the One V, laying a solid foundation of Oneness for the new phone. If the next HTC flagship is also called the One, they will of course rename the M7 model as the HTC One One.

1. LG Optimus One

LG Optimus One

At least it has 'Optimus' in the name, so it sounds like a Transformer. A tiny, boring Transformer.

1. FLIR One


Incredibly, this crafty case turns your iPhone 5/5S into an infrared camera. It does not turn your iPhone 5/5S into an iPhone One.

1. Apogee One

Apogee One

Songs you could could record using this rather nifty combined microphone and guitar/keyboard interface for iPad and Mac:

One - Metallica

One - U2

One More Night - Phil Collins

One Way or Another - One Direction

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1. Fitbit One

Fitbit One

"How about the LifeBean? Or the ElectroDoctor Mini? Or how about we call it the QuickCoach JogTrinket?"

"How about you shut up, Dermot. We're calling it the One. Okay? The One."

"But everything else is called the One! That'll be confusing!"

"Do not question us, Dermot. We are in charge. We dictate what all products are called. We are... One..."