10 DIY budget photography hacks

Improve your photography skills with these DIY projects that won't break the bank

Keen to take your photography game to the next level, but thrown off by the high prices of new gear? Fortunately, there are plenty of inexpensive DIY camera hacks that can give you similar results to the real thing. Here are 10 DIY projects that’ll help you experiment with new photography styles on a budget.  

1. Make a lightbox using a window and paper

Tape a sheet of greaseproof paper to a bright window, then use clear tape to hold your chosen objects to photograph in place. Don’t forget to set your Exposure Compensation setting to +1 stop, otherwise your camera will attempt to underexpose the shot. This is a great technique to photograph subjects with colours that pop - think flowers, fruits and sweets.




2. Budget photography backdrop

Head to your local fabric store and ask for some cotton duck fabrics. These make great photography backdrops for product shots, as they are wrinkle-free and don’t cause reflections. Fold the edges of the fabric about 1.5” in to fit a dowel, then hang it on two cup hooks stuck onto the wall. Lay it on a table and set your objects as you please. When you’re done, you can roll the fabric up into the dowel in seconds. Experiment with different colours too.


3. Reduce camera shake with a bag of lentils

Want a portable accessory to keep your camera stable when it's difficult to bring a tripod? Or want to shoot small subjects down low at eye-level? A small beanbag would be the perfect solution, and it can be easily made with a pair of old jeans. Cut out the leg portions, stitch them up and fill with lentils through the zipper. Just rest your gigantic lens on your ‘beanbag’ in a V-shape for instant stability.