10 of the creepiest videos that exist on YouTube

You weren’t planning on sleeping tonight anyway, right?

As we write this article, we’re seriously questioning why we thought this would be a good idea.

While YouTube is great for movie trailers and cat videos, it’s also a repository for tons of creepy stuff — so creepy that we decided to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

After wading through loads of shaky home videos and grainy “actual found footage” of apparitions, we’ve rounded up some of the freakiest, most unsettling and downright disturbing that YouTube has to offer. Not all of these videos deal with the supernatural though, because ghosts aren’t the only scary things in the world.

We’ve also tried to keep the cheap jump scares to a minimum in favour of true creepiness, so there are none here (or are there?) — just good ‘ol skin-prickling, palm-sweating, soul-eroding Scary Stuff to keep you from sleeping tonight. Or any other night. Ever.

Good luck unseeing these.

Lights Out

This Swedish short was one of the winning entries in the Who’s There horror short film challenge, and the basis for the 2016 movie adaptation. The premise is so simple yet effective and plays with just a light switch and the terrors of your mind. So simple that it could totally happen to you, tonight, in your bedroom. Sweet dreams.

Elisa Lam

This infamous CCTV footage of Canadian student Elisa Lam remains one of the creepiest videos on the net. Her bizarre actions and body language in the elevator are extremely unsettling to watch, especially when you realise that her corpse was later discovered in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in LA. While there are multiple theories ranging from drug overdose to foul play, the case of her mysterious death has never been resolved.