10 common iPhone problems and how to fix them

Your Apple ID is an old email

It’s been a few years since you bought your first iPhone and the email address you used as your Apple ID is in the weed-overgrown corner of the internet. You haven’t checked it in years because you can’t even remember your password. It’s time to move on.

Fix it: To reset your Apple ID, you have to sign out of these services (iCloud, the iTunes Store, App Store, FaceTime, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, and iMessage) that uses your Apple ID for your iThings. Swing over to My Apple ID and click on Manage. You’ll see your current Apple ID email on the lower right of the page. Click Edit next to it and enter your new updated email address to use as your Apple ID.

Do note that your new email address cannot be the one you’re using as the rescue and cannot use a domain that belongs to Apple (icloud.com, mac.com). Once you’re done, just click Save. You will need to acknowledge the verification email from Apple before being able to use it.

If your phone shows No Service

You step out of your home’s Wi-Fi range, and your connection is gone. You try to check Facebook - nothing. Instagram? Nada. Your iPhone shows No Service or the endless Searching sign. How will you last the long commute to work without a connection?

Fix it: Check that Mobile Data is on by going to Settings, then Mobile. Also, make sure that your Carrier Settings are updated. You can check on that by going to Settings, General, then About. If there’s one available, you will be prompted to update at this point.

If you still cannot connect at this point, you might want to restart your iPhone and remove your SIM card to check if there’s any physical damage. If there’s nothing wrong with it, reinsert it and boot your phone up against to see if it works.

Your last resort would be to call your telco to see what’s up, and replace your SIM card if necessary.

Image: MacRumours

Fraying cables

You typically go through a few of those white Apple cables and EarPods in your entire iThing-owning life. Why? They’re notorious for not lasting very long, eventually fraying at the ends due to constant bending on your part.

Fix it: Like we’ve mentioned here, you can wrap the spring from an old pen around the ends of the cable to keep them from fraying. If you find the springs too narrow, you might want to wrap the cables with thread. That way, you get more fetching, longer-lasting cables at the same time. 

Image: Apartment Therapy

Low battery

There’s nothing that can quite get our pulse racing like our phones flashing up the low battery warning. If you haven’t got a portable battery pack with you, tough luck. Although there are still a few settings you can tweak to prolong the inevitable.

Fix it: Don’t use it at all. Just kidding. Make sure the biggest battery-consuming features are toggled off. Put your phone in silent mode, and also switch the vibration off under Settings and then Sounds. You might also want to switch off Background App Refresh in Settings and then General. Turning down the brightness will help your iPhone last without completely incapacitating it.

You’ll be glad to know that iOS 9 comes with a brand new Low Power Mode that you can enable to help you reduce power consumption.