10 colourful apps and games for your Apple iPhone 5C

Whether you favour yellow, green or multi-coloured, there’s a vibrant app waiting for your new plastic iPhone
Apple iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5C shifted Apple’s smartphone line away from glass and aluminium, towards a design the company optimistically described as “beautifully, unapologetically plastic”.

Whatever your thoughts about plastic fantastic, the advent of the iPhone 5C means that alongside white, gold and black (sorry, space grey) Apple smartphones, you can now grab green, blue, yellow and pink ones.

But iOS 7 has mutated Apple’s mobile OS from rich, textured and colourful to minimal and stark, with flat blocks of colour. If you’re hankering for something more visually vibrant to match your new iPhone 5C, check out these apps and games…

1. Clear ($5.98)

Clear on Apple iPhone 5C

Clear is a to-do list that’s all about beauty, elegance and efficiency. Minimal in an entirely different way to iOS 7, Clear embraces colour. The urgency of list items is denoted by their order and hue – red at the top,  fading to orange/yellow further down. Intuitive gestural controls ensure the app feels as good as it looks.

2. 30/30 ($Free)

30-30 on Apple iPhone 5C

Task managers and timers can be complex, and you can spend as much time setting things up as working. 30/30 is different, making it fast to create and trigger timers (that can also loop, Pomodoro fans). Colours for each item can be chosen from a selection of ten.

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3. Photo Editor by Aviary ($Free)

Photo Editor by Aviary on iPhone 5C

We like Photo Editor by Aviary for two reasons. First, it’s already updated for iOS 7, and the sleek interface looks fantastic. Secondly, it embraces colour, with the app’s background being drawn from what you’re editing. It beats stark white or black and makes the process of editing more immersive.

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4. PUK ($2.58)

PUK on Apple iPhone 5C

PUK’s razor-sharp graphics perfectly complement its knife-edge gameplay. It’s a minimal but breakneck Angry Birds, where you catapult discs to hit targets, with barely a moment’s notice of each new arrangement, always wary of the strict, deadly timer.