10 of the best Pixar shorts ever created

As if we aren’t already obsessed enough with everything Pixar

You know you’re in for a blast when it comes to Pixar films, especially when the studio throws in an unexpected quickie that is just as entertaining as the movie.

But you’d be surprised to know that Pixar has made at least dozens of short films from its humble beginnings, even before it began dominating with its theatrical releases. Sometimes hiding a life lesson, drawing on emotions and familiarity, or really just for laughs, we’ve narrowed the list to 10 impressive shorts of all time.

Luxo Jr

Luxo Jr was created in 1986 and is one of the first short films the animation studio created. It was a welcoming entrance to Toy Story 2, shown just before the popular release more than a decade later.

The production features a little desk lamp and its adorable encounter with a small, bouncy ball. A larger desk lamp, presumably its mother, looks on with maternal wisdom and pride. This pair of lamps won Pixar its first Oscar nomination, and until today, Luxo Jr continues to live on as part of Pixar’s logo.

Tin Toy

The creation of the shiny and loveable Tin Toy paved the way for the theatrical success that is the Toy Story series seven years later. And much like our favourite toy animation, humans are often portrayed as evil giants, scaring our curious character to hide under the bed – only to discover a crowd of other toys cowering in the same fear!

The Oscar winner carries a strong moral message throughout, as the Tin Toy musters the courage to cheer the creepy baby up, despite the circumstances.

Geri’s Game

Released alongside feature film A Bug’s Life, Geri’s Game won an Academy Award for the best animated short. While it features only one character and a game of chess, the scenes that unravel next are entertaining and engaging, portraying the competitive and fearsome nature of the popular board-game match.

Geri’s Game was praised for its impressive animation of a human at that time, which is still pretty good, considering it was made in the 90’s.