10 of the best nerve-shredding games

Freed from reliance on latex and animatronics, video games are where warped creative minds can go berserk…
10 of the best scariest horror games

Oh, what's that? Why are we covered in blankets even though the heating's on? No reason. No reason at all.

Now if you'll excuse us, we've got some c̶o̶w̶e̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ very brave, extremely courageous things to do. Goodbye.

Wait, don't turn the lights off, we -

Resident Evil (PlayStation, 1996)

Really quite terrifying in places, Resident Evil was the master of the sudden shock. Zombie dogs crashing through windows when you're not expecting it, that sort of thing. It was given a slightly comic B-Movie feel thanks to the bizarre hammy dialogue, but that just made it all the more loveable.

Silent Hill (PlayStation, 1999)

About as near to the X-Files as a video game ever got (the X-File games were rubbish), this used the limitations of the PlayStation hardware to hide nasties in fog and out of site down dark corridors. It also shocked through its use of sound, with pained moans pervading its miserable locations. 

Alone in the Dark (PC, 1992)

One of the earliest examples of the genre that we would soon come to know as 'survival horror', Alone in the Dark dumped you in a gloomy, wonky, 3D monster mansion, packed with odd things. You had work out what's happening while also not ending up dead. 

Clock Tower (PlayStation, 1997)

After a few years existing as a mythical Japanese import, PlayStation owners got to experience Clock Tower in 1997. It's a point & click adventure using a bizarre stalker game mechanic, where players often have to run away from a man trying to stab them with scissors. Quite odd. 

Doom 3 (PC, 2004)

A bit on the simple side and subsequently criticised for being a bit of a bland corridor shooter, one thing Doom 3 did well was shocks. Monsters, darkness, odd sounds and more were hidden around corners, waiting to burst out and absorb your desperate shotgun blasts.

Condemned: (Criminal Origins Xbox 360, 2005)

A sort of extremely bleak X-Files episode, this had you investigating crimes in dark and gloomy, dishevelled locations. Populated by freaks, your only defence lay in what was around you, meaning you often beat people to death with pipes and sticks. Lovely.