The 10 best games for giving your brain a workout

7. Command & Conquer (1995)

An absolute classic of the RTS genre, C&C was one of the finest multiplayer strategy games ever created. You started off mining for resources, gradually building refineries, factories and weaponry, gearing up both attacking and defensive forces before it all kicked off. The key was knowing when to strike...

6. Sim City (1989)

Two games in one, this, with the classic open-ended city-building part augmented by a clever series of disaster and public planning scenarios that put the resource management skills of the player to good use. The threat of random disaster gave it an edge. A real gaming legend.

5. Supremacy (1990)

An absorbing point-and-click war management game, in which you battled your computer enemy for control of a series of alien worlds. Terraforming, taxation and technological developments were key to victory. That and knowing how to use zero gravity toilets.