The 10 best flying games EVER

Man's greatest dream, other than the one about being chased through a field of dancing spoons by a lobster in a top hat, is surely the dream of flight.
10 best flight sims

Come fly with us, come fly, let's fly away. If you you could use some exotic... er... polygons, there's a console we can play... It's perfect for an amateur flying simulation honeymoon, they say, come fly with us, up, up, let's... oh, hang on, it's loading.

10. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (1998)

A 3D shooter, but one improved immeasurably by having that music, those special effects and vehicles lifted from the movies. It wasn't set in a specific film era, instead mingling together old and new worlds and offering the odd familiar sequence to replicate.

9. Flight Control (2009)

This simplified flying to quite an amazing degree, turning players into air traffic controllers who lined up incoming airliners with their runway slots. Sounds rubbish, but this simple concept worked brilliantly on today's button-less smartphones.

8. Desert Strike (1992)

This one got around the Mega Drive’s lack of 3D power by using 2D isometric backgrounds for game maps, with only the chopper rotating in 3D. It worked well, and a variety of mission objectives – from strafing Scuds to airlifting freed hostages – kept it fun.