The 10 best crowdfunded projects of 2017

Were you an early adopter of these nifty inventions?

The world is a veritable fount of fantastical ideas.

And even if creative brilliance is not your forte, you can just back someone else's brainchild to help bring it from imagination to reality.

Just like how someone else (or perhaps you as well) did with the following concepts. From an autonomous flying phone-case camera to a smart card that consolidates your entire wallet, these are the most ingenious crowdfunded projects this year.

Matrix PowerWatch

One of the biggest problems about smartwatches is avoiding a dead battery.

The Matrix PowerWatch brands itself as the world’s first smartwatch that you never have to charge. That’s because it’s powered by your body heat using advanced thermoelectric technology.

Whether you simply need to tell the time or want to measure the amount of calories you’ve burned, this timepiece will have you covered without the worry of replaceable batteries or an external power source.



You may have seen or heard of the Amabrush already since news of it has been buzzing all over the internet.

This gadget is a revolutionary toothbrush that brushes your teeth automatically, all at once, in just 10 seconds. Okay, you may look silly while doing it, but it does speed up the brushing process and simultaneously frees up your hands to do other things such as put on your makeup.


Ever tried to wear a helmet and a pair of headphones at the same time? It’s tough. You usually either end up with your headphones slipping out, or pressed against your head too tightly. Soundshield is the solution to your problems.

Whether you’re going skiing, snowboarding or skating, the Soundshield will provide you with a power combo of helmet and headphones in one rather dashing device. It even allows users to control music and calls when you have thick gloves on, which means you can now rip sick shreds to the sounds of anything from Hendrix to High School Musical.


Freedom Pack

Stressed about keeping your gear safe when you’re travelling? With Travelab’s Freedom Pack, you don’t have to be. Spearheaded by Singaporean Joel Leong, the Freedom Pack is an anti-theft travel backpack that is lightweight, rip-resistant, water-resistant, and equipped with hidden zippers and quick-access pockets.

Furthermore, the pack can be collapsed into its own tiny pouch and be easily stowed away, giving it incredible portability that's perfect for casual and frequent travellers alike.


The Stealth Pant

Real talk: Dress slacks don’t feel good. But sometimes you just need to look professional around the office and there’s no other option...until The Stealth Pant came along, that is.

Blackbird Label has crafted a pair of pants that combines the professional look of dress slacks with the extreme comfort of sweatpants. The result is a pair of wrinkle-resistant pants with deep pockets that stay dry even in Singapore’s hot, humid weather. With these pants, you’ll be looking slick in the office while feeling like you're hanging out at home in your sweats.


GPD Pocket

The GPD Pocket takes the term Pocket PC to a whole new level.

This 7-inch PC literally fits in your pocket and boasts a premium look and feel akin to a MacBook Air. In addition, it doesn’t sacrifice specs for its small size and form factor - this pocket rocket is packed with 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM and more.


Fret Zealot

Liven up those guitar lessons with the Fret Zealot, which easily fits to the neck of any regular, full-sized guitar. Serving as a digital training tool for beginners and guitar pros alike, this piece of genius lights up LEDs of different colours in the places where your fingers are supposed to go.

You’ll be able to learn quickly and intuitively without the constant distraction of looking at books, videos or sheet music. It’s almost like playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but you’ll actually be picking up a skill instead of entertaining yourself.



Attaching the Selfly phone case to your phone not only affords it the protection it needs, but also gives you access to an aerial camera at any time.

Just snap off the autonomous flying camera - that utilises high-end stabilisation technology - attached to the phone case, then use it as a drone camera that you control via an app. It's a quick and easy way to get that perfect overhead shot for Instagram.


Fuze Card

The revolutionary Fuze Card can hold up to 30 cards and their respective payment information, freeing up immense space in your wallet.

The card also comes with location tracking and remote wipe technology to keep your details safe and secure. Plus, its nifty e-paper display allows you to toggle between your cards quickly with just the push of a button. The card also works seamlessly whether it’s ATM withdrawals or contactless payments you're after.


SpeedX Unicorn

The SpeedX Unicorn is a smart bike with a built-in power meter that tracks your rides and how much effort you put in.

Biking enthusiasts will also marvel at the 850g "Hyper Carbon" frame that comes equipped with a Vibration Control System that promises to absorb bumps and smooth out vibrations, ensuring an improved level of comfort and control to your rides.