The 10 best classic Asian horror comedies

Out of the Dark (1995)

This movie makes the list because it features Stephen Chow - the erstwhile King of Asian Comedy. The only horror comedy he's ever done, Out of the Dark has a reputation for being Chow's goriest and most violent. Playing a mental patient named Leo, who is an obvious dig at Luc Besson's Leon, he teams up with a girl (Karen Mok) and a group a security guards (played by Stephen Chow movie regulars) to solve the vicious hauntings in an apartment building.

The film is unique because it also features Chow's trademark mo-lei-tau (nonsense) comedy in the horror film setting. The combination of visceral horror and cognitively dissonant humor makes for a lively and energetic viewing.

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Vampire vs Vampire (1989)

Lam Ching Ying directed and starred in this film, of which the Chinese title actually reads "one-eyebrow priest". The popularity of his character was at its zenith here, as the movie resolves the contradiction between Chinese hopping vampires and European zombies in the most sensible way possible: pitting the two against each other.

A cute little hopping child vampire/zombie is enlisted in the fight against the Dracula-esque european vampire that has made his a home in a small local church inhabited by nuns. The battle of oriental magic against a Western invader of the supernatural kind makes for great action and entertainment, with a liberal number of things going boom.

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