The 10 best arcade games of ALL TIME

7. Virtua Fighter (1995)

This futuristic punchfest took fighting games into the third dimension. Where fighting games (and most others) had been content to bask in the shallow waters of 2D, Virtua Fighter's chunky, texture-free polygons brought depth to the arcades, and gave the game a bizarre, sci-fi look. It was fast and fun and - a few years later - still good when ported to the Sega Saturn. 

6. Operation Wolf (1987)

A blood-spattered icon of the Rambo era, Operation Wolf let you grab a real gun (it was the first to really popularise lightguns as peripherals) and use it to hose wave after wave of enemy soldiers with bullets. It wasn't all spray 'n' pray, though - in between smearing bad guys all over the trees and jungle floors, there were innocent hostages who you were technically supposed to avoid killing.

5. Golden Axe (1989)

The best from a huge selection of side-scrolling fighting games you could spend your Saturday plugging metal money into during the 80s and early 90s. With excellent two-player swordplay, scantily-clad characters and some ludicrous enemies, it was worth every penny. Its sister title, Altered Beast, was another classic fantasy merk-'em-up.