The 10 best arcade games of ALL TIME

Ain't nothing lame about some old-school MAME

If you were alive and had access to coins at any time between the 1970s and the mid-1990s, chances are you'll have spent a bit of time in a video arcade, hammering buttons, frantically waggling a sweaty joystick and pumping a week's worth of pocket money into Wonder BoyThe arcades have all but died out now, their venerable cabinets put out to pasture in vintage hipster bars, seaside towns and B-road service stations, but here are the ones to look out for...

10. After Burner (1987)

Back in the late ’80s, no-one thought it weird that a child would want to be Tom Cruise, and this slice of Sega genius was as close as most of us could get. It had an exciting cockpit cabinet but it was a simple flyer/shooter at heart, with that must-survive-a-bit-longer-next-time level of compulsive difficulty that made so many Sega games so bewitching.

9. Gauntlet (1985)

The dungeons and simple top-down views of this dungeon-crawling RPG may not have been revolutionary, but Gauntlet became hugely popular thanks to its narrator and its co-op play. It taught kids valuable lessons in life, such as the value of working together and not firing arrows at your food.

8. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

There was a period when Sega ruled the arcades and could do anything. It could, for example, buy the Jurassic Park license, build a fake jeep for players to sit in, then make this completely bonkers dinosaur-based shooting game to wrestle change from children. Mad. But good.