10 of the best Android Wear apps

Treat your smartwatch to this selection of handy apps. Go on, it deserves it

If you just bought an Android Wear watch, you’re probably wondering: right, so what can this thing actually do?

The key isn’t finding friends you haven’t seen in years to gloat to down in the pub, but getting into Wear apps. Sure, the roster of apps is in the dozens rather than the millions available for phones but there are still plenty worth trying out.

We'll be updating this list with more apps in future, so keep an eye out.


WhatsApp works with Wear. Sort of. But if you want to see what a full modern messenger app for Wear would be like, you have to try Telegram.

This is a lot like WhatsApp, albeit far less popular, and it has the advantage of having a standalone version for Wear 2.0. Well, it’s standalone-ish: you’ll still need to setup contacts and so on with the phone version.

The real challenge is to get your friends to start using it rather than WhatsApp. Good luck.

Download Telegram (free)

Spotify (free)

Right now, Spotify for Wear is not the music-steaming app of your dreams, but it is still well worth a download if you use the service.

Rather than letting you search for artists using Wear 2.0’s tiddly virtual keyboard, it just shows you a long list of your recently-played albums/playlists so you can head back to them with a single tap.

Playback control already shows up in your Wear notifications, so even that isn’t needed in the app itself.

Download Spotify (free)


Sure, you can get a watch face with weather built-in if you like. But if you must have that pixel art Mario rip-off face, maybe you need Accuweather.

No points for guessing what it does. Like every weather app for your phone, it lets you check out weather forecasts by the hour, day and week. It shows where you currently are as standard, but you can check out anywhere you like.

And anything that stops us having to talk to the Google assistant on our wrist gets a pass.

Download Accuweather (free)