10 awesome to absurd limited edition smartphones

iPhone 7 Product Red Edition

You probably weren't expecting this, but this is every bit a special edition phone. In fact, this may be the least controversial special edition phone of all time - it's simply gorgeous.

The beautiful matte red finish is quite a sight, in line with Apple’s pledge to an AIDS-free generation, as every purchase contributes to The Global Fund to fight the deadly disease. 

Still no clue why Apple didn’t go all the way to add a red ring around the home button – it’s still silver, which doesn’t suit the colour scheme at all. We’d also love to see a black and red version instead of the white front that we get. Having said that, this is still one of the best looking phones around. 

HTC One (M8) PHUNK Edition

Here’s one for some Asian flavor; a collaboration between HTC and PHUNK Studio, an internationally acclaimed art and design collective from Singapore.

64 sets were made for made for a PHUNK exhibition that was in the theme of “wonderment”, and the artwork, inspired by culture, nature and societies the team visited, was emblazoned on the HTC One M8’s unibody metal exterior. These uniquely designed phones are packed in specially decorated boxes to celebrate the occasion. 

Kodak Ektra

We’re venturing nearer into the realm of the ridiculous, although we aren’t exactly there yet; this is the Kodak Ektra, which was originally built by the Bullitt group, then licensed by Kodak, giving it its brand.

At first glance, you’d think it was aesthetically pleasing, with a cool retro look to its leather finish and the big f/2.0 lens, but that’s until you wrap your hands around its thick chassis and realise how dated its design is.

While it’s packed with special photo editing and features that mimic a real camera, it surprisingly performs way below the standards of any flagship phone, to which it only matches in price.

We could imagine shutterbugs and Instagrammers flooding to buy a phone with such promise, but add its other problems - flimsy build, dismal battery life and a bland screen - making it one of the more disappointing collaborations around. And it had so much promise too.