10 awesome to absurd limited edition smartphones

Expensive and rare, you’ll definitely stand out of the crowd - for better or worse

It’s the summer, which means big blockbusters and the usual commercial tie-in with smartphones.

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 linking up with Disney for a special Pirates of the Caribbean edition, and Transformers Edition of the Meitu E2 (which disappointingly doesn’t transform), it’s the perfect opportunity to revisit these absurd crossover products that companies have come up with from the acceptable to the grotesquely abominable. Just what were they thinking? 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition

We begin on the positive side of things. Samsung has had plenty of movie tie-ins with its flagship Galaxy S series. We begin with the cleanest and universally accepted of the lot: the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition.

If Batman was anything as egotistical as his portrayal in the LEGO Batman Movie, he would probably work with Samsung to create this. It comes in a beautiful black and gold colourway, with the Batman insignia printed on the back. The box ships with a rubber case patterned after the Batsuit, plus a golden batterang. They even went all the way to include a special edition jet black Gear VR, with vouchers for VR content.

Being an Injustice: Gods Among Us tie-in, it comes with US$100 of in-game currency as well, just so you have an Injustice account that does justice to the excessive bundle.

When it comes to special edition bundles, it’s hard to find a better package than this. With little more than a ring, some themes and a case, the Galaxy S8’s Pirates of the Caribbean tie-in fades in comparison.

Iron Man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The sheer number of Samsung collaborations means more than one Galaxy smartphone makes the list.

This one still remains in the realm of the “acceptable”, but given its super limited release, the prices fetched were far from. For auspicious reasons, someone paid US$91,000 (RM380,000) to get his hands on unit number 66 of the 1000 phones released (these phones were individually numbered), when its original price was in fact 90 times less. 

All that money for a device packing the same specs as the original, but with a new coat of gold and red paint and the Iron Man mask on the back. It also comes with a very inventive wireless charger made to look like Iron Man’s arc reactor.