If you are using the latest phones from Apple, Google Pixel or Huawei, chances are the phone you have in your hand does not have an audio jack. Hence why wireless bluetooth headphones and earphones are becoming more desirable to those who want to enjoy audio on these phone models. But with the prices of bluetooth devices as they stand, you’d either end up spending a small fortune for one, or be left with something barely considered an audio device in terms of build and audio quality.

Thankfully, with Edifier’s W310BT you don’t have to sacrifice build quality or break the bank to get a decent bluetooth audio device. With a special U-Shape soft adaptive beckband, it helps to minimizes the flapping of cordage when walking (or running). It also has an IPX5 rating that ensures water and sweat doesn’t hamper your usage of the device in different situations. So you could listen to Stan by Eminem (feat Dido) in the light rain to really get into the mood, but I wouldn’t try it during a monsoon though.

The device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 technology and is also backwards compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1 devices that can also implement the low energy features. Coupled together with a half in-ear structure, you get a decently isolating audio device with a rather long battery life of 8-9 hours of playtime. A nice touch also included is the magnetic rear ear-shell to help secure the in-ear buds when not in use which, makes it very practical in everyday use.

So far, it seems like the Edifier’s W310BT is a rather decent pair of audio equipment, but the one thing that brings it all down is the audio quality it produces. It is a shame that the audio produced by this device sounds tinny with a definite absence of bass. At times the lack of the lower register of the audio spectrum made it feel like I was listening to a cheap portable FM radio. No amount of fiddling with the EQ could change the output on this device. Because it is completely wireless, there is no option to run a portable amplifier to help boost the sound.

In conclusion, for its price the Edifier W310BT is only worth it as a hands-free Bluetooth device. But then again, at a retail price of RM199, you are probably better off getting other options within the price range (unless you absolutely hate having any bass in your songs of choice).

Stuff says... 

Edifier W310BT Bluetooth Earphones review

Seems abit like a miss out opportunity on Edifier’s part as everything was good for the price point except the audio quality.
Good Stuff 
Great battery life
Good build quality
Clear mic for hands-free calls
Bad Stuff 
Not exactly compact
Horrible audio quality
May be expensive depending on what you're looking for