Until recently, the idea of a full-frame Canon at this price was unthinkable – but it turns out there's a Porcine Aviation Society after all. The EOS 6D packs an all-new 20.2MP sensor, a GPS receiver so you can add location data and Wi-Fi for direct uploading of pics to a computer, tablet or social media site. 

Contrary to the fun factor of it having a Facebook connection, though, is the lack of built-in flash, which perhaps points to more professional aspirations. 

Extra Sensory Perfection?

Despite being only a teensy bit smaller than its rival the Nikon D600, the Canon feels more compact and less dressed for action – whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you. The 11-point autofocus may sound sorely lacking compared to the 39-pointer on the D600, but it's actually faster and more accurate in low-light. 

Talking of low-light performance, the sensor goes down to ISO 25,600 with very little noise, although detail gets a bit soft and mushy at those heady heights. At lower ISO settings, the Nikon D600 also just has the edge on picture quality. 

Where the 6D excels is at video capture, taking superb 1080p@30fps movies with oodles of detail and realistic colours. The default record button is more sensibly placed on the 6D than on the D600 too. The Q button gives easy access to all of the 6D's most important controls via the rear 3in LCD and the 6D's Wi-Fi smarts mean you can use an iPhone or Android handset as a remote with live view, via the free EOS Remote app. 

Stuff says... 

Canon EOS 6D review

An amazing camera with great connectivity and supreme video skills