This story was originally published on WhatCar, additional text by Tein Hee Seow

The BMW 7 Series doesn’t only have rivals such as the Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8 to worry about – it must also fend off cars such as Land Rover’s Range Rover, too. In a bid to do just that, BMW has opted to construct parts of its 7 Series from carbonfibre, keeping the car’s weight down and therefore improving efficiency and agility.

It's impressively clean and frugal, and one that is better to drive down a twisting B-road than many of its rivals. Inside, the quality is top notch and there’s lots of standard equipment including the latest infotainment and safety tech. However, as with many luxury cars, the options list is extremely long and features some even more intriguing technology.

It has more than enough space for five adults and the boot is comparable with rivals and big enough for two or three large suitcases.

So, the 7 Series is powerful yet frugal, good to drive, luxurious and loaded with tech but where it doesn’t quite match the class-leading Mercedes S-Class is in its ride quality. At high speeds it lopes along without much fuss, but at low speeds over broken roads it’s a tad busier for those on board.

Tech Specs 
Engine power
Engine torque
Fuel tank capacity
Fuel consumption
Up to 9.7ltr/100km
Dimensions (W x H X L)
2169 x 1479 x 5238mm
Number of seats
Number of doors
Stuff says... 

BMW 740Li review

Driving and being driven in a BMW 740Li is a luxurious experience, if you can afford to do so
Good Stuff 
Spacious for driver and passengers alike
Decked out with tech to ease parking woes
Quiet and comfortable ride
Bad Stuff 
Lengthy body a worry for short parking spaces
Too many features lead to sense of overwhelming