With the way smartphones have been evolving these days, you can have all sorts of lenses on your smartphone; telephoto, macro, wide-angle lenses that lead to a quad or penta camera setup. That's a lot of cameras to have on the back of your phone and while it does help in taking all the pictures that you want with ease, how it makes the smartphone look in the end is another story.

Who can forget the initial reaction to the designs of the iPhone 11 series or even the Google Pixel 4, with that weird bump on the top left corner? Or how the Nokia 9 PureView induces tyrophobia to some? But then again, maybe it's not just about the smartphone camera evolution and how it tends to go overboard. Maybe it's just about being happy with what you have with your current camera - lacking and all. Regardless, there's a good reason to consider getting the Bitplay Allclip, a great accessory to have if your camera lacks plenty of the lenses mentioned earlier. Promising to be easy to use and your go-to to turn your smartphone into all the powerful smartphone cameras mentioned today, we check out the Bitplay Allclip accessory together with the wide angle lens.

The story behind my smartphone

I currently use the vivo V9 which only comes with two cameras; a 16MP main camera and a 5MP depth sensor. In today's standard, it's not a particularly good smartphone camera, even with a depth sensor. Also 16MP? In today's market we have a 108MP camera so this is a pretty dull smartphone camera to have.

But it's what I have and what I can afford, and I am the kind of person to make do with what I have. A feeling I'm sure many has had in the wake of the many smartphones being released - sometimes we don't need the latest smartphones. We just need a working one that does a decent job and doesn't have us changing smartphones every year.

So what do you do when your smartphone camera lacks something you want? In my case, the vivo V9 lacks a wide angle lens. Instead of spending thousands of ringgit on a new smartphone, for just a few hundred ringgit I can get an additional accessory that will give me the exact effect I need without any hassle. And that's how the Bitplay Allclip HD Wide Angle Lens+ works.

Easy setup

When you get the Bitplay Allclip HD Wide Angle Lens+, it will come with all that you need - including the AllClip, the Premium HD Wide Angle Lens, 2 soft carrying bags, a lens cap, and a 1 year limited warranty. It also comes with a Clip Holder, a way for you to prop your smartphone up to take photos without a shaky hand. That's pretty much all you need to get wide angle on your smartphone, and with everything in place for you to take your photo, all you need to do next is to setup.

Setup is relatively easy; you just need to set up the clip holder on the top of the smartphone where the camera would be. You can then attach the lens that you want (in this case it was the HD wide angle lens+) and slide the lens just above your smartphone camera - instantly giving you the effect that you want. It may take a few adjustments here and there to get it right, but you should get the effect that you want immediately.

In my case, it was definitely impressive to see that my smartphone camera was capable of taking wide angle shots. There was some level of distortion at the edge of the image, but it still produced some impressive results overall. Adjustments was a bit tricky at first, but I learnt the right angles and adjustments eventually, which made the pictures I took impressive. The picture also looks clear and distinct, likely due to the HD aspect of the lens. Best of all, I'm getting plenty on my picture than my usual shots.

Bitplay also comes with other lenses such as a HD Macro Lens, Full Frame Fisheye and even a HD Telephoto Lens, giving you all that you need to bring out the best of your smartphone camera without the need to full upgrade the device.

Final Verdict

Overall, it's hard to find fault in smartphone accessory lenses. They do what they say on the package and give you more camera options than what your current smartphone has to offer, even if it does come off as bulky to some. But the Bitplay AllClip remains one of the best out there due to the easy, unobstructive setup that ensures the lens and the smartphone camera is a good fit. While it may take some level of adjusting and getting used to, you'll soon find yourself taking that much needed photo as you travel as well as save you money from spending on smartphone features that may not interest you.

If all this sounds great, then you should check out the Bitplay Allclip HD Wide Angle Lens+ to take your current smartphone photography to the next level - at a fraction of the cost of a new smartphone with said lenses.

Stuff says... 

Bitplay Allclip HD Wide Angle Lens+ review

Making do with what you have and upgrading your current smartphone camera is made easier with Bitplay. The wide angle lens works well, even on my 16MP camera and is definitely impressive even if it comes off as bulky.
Good Stuff 
Easy setup
Works on a lot of cameras
HD wide angle lens does a great job
Bad Stuff 
May block lights